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Raspberry Hot Cocoa

Size: 400gms (14.1oz)


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Cafe Britt's gourmet Raspberry Hot Cocoa conjures images of juicy ripe raspberries with an intense aroma that will excite the senses. Made from the finest cocoa beans and pure cane sugar, each cup of this decadent hot cocoa is reminiscent of a summer's day.

When you think of fresh raspberries it's hard not to think of their juicy flavour and texture. Raspberry plants grew wild for centuries from Greece to Spain and in the North around Sweden and Norway. The Romans have been credited with spreading the fruit throughout Europe as they expanded their empire.

By the middle ages, raspberries started being used as more than a source of food, with various medicines containing the super fruit. Only the rich and powerful we able to afford raspberries. It is believed that King Edward I of England encouraged the population to cultivate the berry and so increased its popularity and availability throughout England.

For many years people have combined raspberries with chocolate to create delicious fruity sweets. The partnership of this famous fruit and Cafe Britt's gourmet Hot Cocoa is perfect, creating a decadent hot treat to be savoured all year round.

Cafe Britt offers gourmet coffee and exceptionally smooth hot cocoa directly from Costa Rica.

With great care and passion we grow and source the finest products and ship directly from country-of-origin to Australia.

Smooth and Delicious

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