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Make The Perfect Espresso

Many mistakenly believe it is a specific bean or grind that makes an espresso when in actuality, it is also the perfect combination of pressure and brew time that produce the quintessential cup. A good espresso is intensely concentrated, dark and full-bodied but filtered, which distinguishes it from Turkish-style coffee.

In 1903, Italian Luigi Bezzera invented espresso by adding pressure to the coffee brewing process. Espresso, meaning "pressed out" or made on demand "expressly" for a consumer, produces a better cup of coffee as it allows the best qualities of the bean to be extracted. Making a proper espresso can be almost as sensual as drinking it. You will need an espresso machine, the best quality espresso roasted beans such as Café Britt, and some important know-how.

First, fresh coffee is ground into the portafilter and manual pressure is applied using a tamp to pack the grounds into a "cake." You can also take the "easy way" and use an espresso pod which has the precise measure and required compactation. Next, you rely on a quality espresso machine to force water through the coffee resulting in a shot of espresso. A properly brewed cup will have a satiny mouthfeel and will be topped with a rich, uniform hazel coloured crema without the dark "tiger" lines atop that are present in a poor quality cup. The alluring aroma will encourage immediate consumption, which is important as the complex and volatile liquid breaks down in quality quickly.

Cafe Britt offers gourmet coffee and exceptionally smooth hot cocoa directly from Costa Rica.

With great care and passion we grow and source the finest products and ship directly from country-of-origin to Australia.

Smooth and Delicious

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