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Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Made with fine cocoa beans
Pure cane sugar
Add a kick of flavor with a dash of vanilla or chilli powder
Size: 400gms (14.1oz)



Hot Cocoa that’s silk for the palate and satin for the soul. Our delicious Britt Gourmet Hot Cocoa is made from the finest cocoa beans and pure cane sugar. Ideal for a moment of ultimate indulgence or fine giving to your favorite chocolate lovers. To make a perfect cup of hot chocolate, mix 2 tablespoons of Britt Gourmet Hot Cocoa into a cup of hot milk and stir well. Now comes the best part! Sit back and savour how rich and delicious hot chocolate can be.

It should come as no surprise that we understand quality hot cocoa. This indulgent drink was born in our region more than 500 years ago. Mexico’s Aztec people were known to crush cacao beans and froth them into a drink spiced with chilies and vanilla. Spanish explorers found Aztec storehouses brimming with the precious beans and witnessed King Montezuma sipping chocolate from his chalice 50 times a day to enhance his virility.

Our specialty blend combines dark cocoa with pure cane sugar. The hot cocoa is rich without being heavy and has a silky mouth feel. Sip it with breakfast or as an afternoon treat. Add a dash of chili powder and a touch of vanilla to summon the ancients! Create your own ritual.

Cafe Britt offers gourmet coffee and exceptionally smooth hot cocoa directly from Costa Rica.

With great care and passion we grow and source the finest products and ship directly from country-of-origin to Australia.

Smooth and Delicious

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