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Mint Hot Cocoa

Made with fine cocoa beans
Pure cane sugar
Add a kick of flavor with a dash of vanilla or chilli powder
Size: 400gms (14.1oz)


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The sparkling, pungent bouquet of freshly-picked mint combines magnificently with Café Britt’s silky gourmet Hot Cocoa. Made from the finest cocoa beans and pure cane sugar, this icy-hot treat is for sipping and savouring. Each 14.1 oz container makes about 18 servings.

Both chocolate and mint have long, romantic histories with tales of special powers and proof of medicinal benefits. As an added bonus, both capture palates with an alluring aroma and remarkable flavour.

The name mint or Mentha finds its origin in Roman mythology. Hades, the ruler of the underworld, had an affair with a nymph named Minthe. His wife, Persephone, was so enraged that she turned Minthe into a lowly plant, to be trodden underfoot. Though Hades could not reverse the spell, he softened the curse by giving Minthe a sweet, pleasing smell.

Since the beginning of civilisation, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used the herb to cure ailments from digestive problems, headaches and even dog bites. The fresh leaves were also strewn around houses and rubbed on tables to spread their fragrance thus earning mint its reputation as a symbol of hospitality.

Peppermint’s aromatic flavour comes from menthol, which produces a cooling sensation and brightens airways. Café Britt combines the refreshing mint with high quality dark chocolate and natural cane sugar instead of the commonly used refined sweeteners. The sweet, warm chocolate touched with cooling mint creates an irresistible sipping sensation.

Cafe Britt offers gourmet coffee and exceptionally smooth hot cocoa directly from Costa Rica.

With great care and passion we grow and source the finest products and ship directly from country-of-origin to Australia.

Smooth and Delicious

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